Worried about how to get your license back?

If your license has been suspended for drinking and driving violations, or MIP's, or other substance abuse related convictions, you may be concerned about how to go about getting your driving privilege restored.

Apex therapists can complete the forms the State of Michigan requires and help you apply for reinstatement of your driving privileges. At Apex, we take the worry out of "how to do it" and help you get the right forms filled out.

You can make an appointment by calling any Apex Office and asking the secretary that answers the phone to book an appointment for a driver's license, or substance abuse, evaluation. While our staff cannot give you legal advice, we are qualified to complete the necessary forms the State requires.

You should bring the following information to your first meeting with the therapist:

Part of the evaluation will consist of the interview, and you will be given one or two screening tests (pencil and paper) to determine the progress of your recovery. You will also be referred to a lab for a ten-panel drug screen.

The examiner will complete the Substance Abuse Evaluation form as required by the State.

You will receive a copy of all paperwork for your records as well as the original documentation that you can send to the State along with your application for a hearing.

The cost is $250 and must be paid prior to receiving your completed evaluation.

Regina Patton, L.M.S.W. and a host of other clinicians, has extensive experience with substance abuse population and can complete DLE's at our Westland location. Please contact her to make an appointment at 734.729.3133(Westland).