Myths Surrounding Therapy

Potential therapists?

For some, therapy has a worse reputation than it should. For starters, you won’t be sitting on a long chair resembling the one Sigmund Freud’s office. The basis will not be on childhood issues. We here at Apex wish to dispel certain myths about therapy in hope of clearing any doubts prospective clients may have.


1. All people who seek therapy are mentally ill.

False! Many people with various issues seek therapists. If you are going through a rough patch, it makes it easier to have someone (certified) to talk over issues with you.

Racing to the behavioral health clinic.

2. Therapy is too much $$$

Therapy isn’t cheap, but we do offer low fee rates for clients who do not have insurance. But think of it this way; you’d put a lot of money into your wedding or doctors visits, right? It is worthwhile to make the investment on something that can improve your life and relationships. And if you find that therapy does not work for you, you can always quit – but it’s worth a shot. Friends and family are a great support system, but friendship is a two-way street and therapists devote 100% of their time to you.

Everything you tell your therapist is confidential.

Next stop therapy!

3.  Therapy is a hassle and takes up too much time. I don’t have time to work and go to therapy.

Our doctors and therapists work a variety of hours to accommodate your schedules. Some staff members are here until 8 at night, while others start at 9 in the morning. Therapy sessions are 45 minutes to an hour long, while medication management visits with the psychiatrist are twenty minutes.

 4. My therapist is going to judge me.

Therapists are here to help you and make you feel as comfortable as possible, not to judge you. Therapists are educated in human behavior and the dynamics between relationships. Therapy can benefit you and help you move forward. Also, none of your friends or family will know you are in therapy unless you tell them yourself.