APEX Behavioral Health Program Program "SOJOURN"

Increasing individuals with alcohol or drug offenses are being required to participate in substance abuse assessment and treatment as an alternative to, or along with, time in jail. The interest is to have individuals with DUI's, public intoxication, or possession of illegal drugs get evaluated if they have a substance abuse problem, and if so, receive treatment for their alcohol or drug problems.

Sojourn Chemical Dependency Program is intended to provide a reasonable alternative for chemical dependency services to clients in need of evaluation and treatment. Apex Behavioral Health is experienced in providing services for mandated clients.

Court ordered substance abuse evaluation and treatment is generally not covered by health care insurance. The individual ordered for evaluation has to pay privately for such services. An individuals ability, or lack thereof, to pay adds additional stress to an already stressful situation.

Apex has over 20 years of experience providing court and corrections mandated treatment of substance abuse. With an understanding of individuals' challenge to afford treatment, Apex has put together an evidence based substance abuse treatment for a reasonable cost.

Courts may wish people go into treatment over serving jail time for substance related issues, and many courts have been accepting of our Sojourn program.

A client would come to a group session to receive an assessment, which determines how long one continues to come to session for.

The intake and screening fees for Chemical Dependency Issues are only $25.

Clients are referred for a one time screening group. During this session, clients will take a SASSI substance abuse evaluation, along with completing a chemical history and the required legal paperwork. Following completion of the evaluation session, a brief report is forwarded to the referring source (which may or may not be a probation officer), including a recommendation for treatment if appropriate.

If the client is required to attend treatment, they then meet with the therapist for an individual treatment planning session. After the treatment planning session is complete, the client attends a minimum of ten one and one half hour group sessions.

Attendance notices and monthly reports are sent to the referral source.

Sojourn is a cash based program.

Initial Screening Group - $25

Individual Treatment Planning appointment - $50

Treatment Group (per group) - $25

If you meet the listed requirements, please contact us.

Sojourn is at the following office locations:

Ann Arbor: (734) 677 -0918

Brownstown: (734) 479-0949

Detroit: (313) 394-2133

Westland: (734) 729-3133