Updates on Apex!


Our Plymouth building

Are you aware Apex has a Livonia office? Or a Plymouth office? If our  Westland office seems too congested or overwhelming for you, Livonia or Plymouth may be a great alternative.

They are both small, cozy offices. Some information on each is listed below.

Livonia is located on 17940 Farmington Rd.,  Suite 280. This is located just off of Curtis road. The Livonia phone number is 734 466-3311, if no one answers please leave a message and someone will call you back, as there is not someone in the office 24/7.

Therapists  at our Livonia office include: Robert Graham, Glenna Washburn, Judy Anderson, Ricky Jentons. Dr. Joseph is the psychiatrist and she is in one Saturday a month. Ricky is in Monday-Thursday;  he sees children and adults.

Our Plymouth office is located 199 N. Main Street, ste 202, Plymouth, MI. Sharon Garant is always accepting intakes, she sees clients aged 18+ and is in the office Tuesday- Thursday. She has day and night time appointments available.

Kristin Hammoud is in the office on Wednesdays from 9:30-5:30. She is an APRN, meaning she can prescribe medication and counsel clients. Kris does not see ADD patients and has much experience with PTSD, depression, substance abuse, and mood disorders.

Shawn Miracle is one of our child therapists and she is available for Saturday appointments.

The number to make an intake appointment at Plymouth is 734-254-9316. The therapist’s direct voicemails are on 734-254-9380.

You can also call the Westland number at 734-729-3133 and ask to schedule an appointment at Plymouth!