What Apex Offers!

In addition to behavioral health treatment, Apex offers a variety of things.

We offer:

  • Psychological evaluations courtesy of Dr. Hamid.
  • Driver License Evaluations from Gina Patton and Robert Edwards. DLEs cost $250 and one needs to bring: state driving record, 3-5 letters of recommendation, a 12- panel drug screening, and AA sign-in sheets if attended. The drug screening is not offered at Apex.
  • Alcohol & Substance abuse evaluations, also courtesy of Gina and Robert. These evaluations cost $115 and you will need to fill out a SASSI test. It is also recommended that you bring any relevant information from the courts.
  • Sidenote: all substance abuse & drivers license evaluations are an out-of-pocket expense that is not covered by insurance.
  • Suboxone treatment. Dr. Chung is our Suboxone provider for opioid treatment & withdrawal. When starting on Suboxone, Dr. Chung prescribes a weeks worth of medication at a time.
  • Tricare Providers- we see military families!
  • Low fee costs. For a medication visit, the first visit is $125, followed by $55 for a 15 minute session. For therapy, the first visit is $90 and the following visits are $70. Therapy visits are 45-60 minutes long.

Apex is NOT a walk-in clinic and we do not accept same day appointments for new clients.  So call and schedule your appointment today! 🙂