What is bullying?
Bullying is the act of hurting or intimidating weaker or smaller people.

Types of Bullying Behaviors

  • Physical Aggression:
    Hitting, kicking, destroying property
  • Social Aggression:
    Spreading rumors, excluding from group, silent treatment
  • Verbal Aggression:
    Name calling, teasing, threatening, intimidating phone calls
  • Intimidation:
    Graffiti, a dirty trick, taking possession, coercion
  • Written Aggression:
    Note writing, graffiti, slam books
  • Sexual Harassment:
    Comments or actions of a sexual nature that are unwelcome and make the recipient uncomfortable. Examples: rumors of a sexual nature, inappropriate touching, grabbing, comments about someone’s body
  • Racial and Ethnic Harassment:
    Comments or actions containing racial or ethnic content which are unwelcome and make the recipient uncomfortable. Examples: ethnic jokes, racial name calling, racial slurs

Warning signs of a child with bullying behavior:

  • Often irritable and angry with others
  • Believes it is okay to be mean to others if it means getting what he or she wants
  • Blames others and takes no responsibility for the problem (“He made me do it”)
  • Shows little empathy for others, has difficulty showing remorse
  • Demonstrates faulty thinking (“I’m entitled to get my way no matter what”)

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