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Empowering Against Narcissism: Finding Strength

Being with someone who acts like they’re better than everyone else, like they’re always right, can really mess up how you feel about yourself.  They might say mean things or make you doubt yourself all the time.  It can make you feel like you have to depend on them, even if they’re not treating you well.  It can even make you sick from feeling stressed all the time.  But even though it’s hard, people who go through this keep going, even when things seem really bad.

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I’ve had family and friends who acted like this, and it really hurt my feelings and made me feel bad about myself.  It took a long time for me to figure out that I’m actually pretty great just the way I am.  I used to feel unsure about myself and even pretend to be happy when I wasn’t.  But that just made things worse.  Dealing with someone who always wants to be in control made me feel like what I though or wanted didn’t matter.  it made me forget how important I am.

If someone acts like they’re better than everyone’s else, never says sorry when they hurt your feelings, or tries to make you feel guilty for thing that aren’t your fault, those are big signs something’s wrong.  They might act really nice at first but then start being mean later.  They might not respect your personal space or get mad for no reason.  Its important to notice these signs early so you can protect yourself from feeling bad.

When you’ve been hurt or treated badly by someone, it might feel like they’ve taken away your power.  But being a victim doesn’t mean you’re weak or helpless.  In fact, it can be just the opposite.  Going through tough times can make you stronger and wiser.  It gives you the chance to learn from what happened and grow from it.  Instead of letting it bring you down, use it as fuel to stand up for yourself and others.  You have the power to choose how you react and how you let it affect you.  Remember, you’re not alone, there are people who care about you and want to help.  Being a victim doesn’t define you; its what you do next that matters.  So, take control of your story and let it empower you to be even stronger than before.


National Domestic Violence Hotline

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Call: 800-799-7233

Volunteer Crisis Counselor

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Text LEV to 741741

Mental Health Hotline Michigan

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Call: 866-903-3787

Suicide Hotline

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Call: 988

I hope you all stay safe and have a wonderful weekend.

Don’t forget, you’re important.

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Identifying Narcissism


Exchange of Apologies!!

Offering an apology shows that you recognize your mistakes or the harm caused by your actions.  It is also a way of releasing shame and guilt.  Apologies often come with a desire to make amends by using words and actions to help repair a damaged relationship.  When someone apologizes sincerely, it can rebuild trust but the person has to be open to receiving the apology as well, sometimes its better to give time to let the situations simmer down before making amends.  Apologies can be deeply validating for the person who was hurt.  Overall, exchanging apologies fosters understanding, empathy, and growth within relationships and communities.  It’s an essential part of maintaining healthy connections and peace.


While words convey remorse, actions provide tangible evidence of sincerity as well – it reinforces the authenticity of their apology.  Actions have power to rebuild trust more effectively than words alone.  Consistent behavior that aligns with the apology’s sentiment helps restore faith in the apologizer’s intentions and most importantly retains integrity.  By actively seeking to rectify the harm caused or address the underlying issues, the apologizer proves their accountability and commitment to regaining peace.  Words can express regret but actions address the root cause of the problem.  Taking meaningful steps to correct past mistakes or prevent similar incidents in the future represents a deeper understanding and desire for change.  Actions have a lasting impact and can leave a more significant impression than words alone.


In essence, words are essential in expressing remorse and regret, but it is actions that follow to truly validate the sincerity of an apology to pave a road of forgiveness and healing not only from the ones you hurt but yourself as well.  It is important to forgive yourself first and then make amends with actions and words because sometimes our intentions were never to hurt in the beginning.

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Dangerous Distractions: The Risks of Distracted Driving

Distracted Driving Awareness Month, observed annually in April, is a vital campaign aimed towards raising awareness about the dangers of driving distracted and promoting safer habits on the road.  With the influx of smartphones and other digital devices, distracted driving has become a major concern.  This observance  seeks to educate drivers about the risks.

Chemical dependency, such as addiction to alcohol or drugs can greatly contribute to distracted driving.  When under the influence, individuals may struggle to focus on the road, react to traffic signals, or make sound judgments.  The compulsion to use substances can override concerns about safety, leading to risky behaviors behind the wheel.  Moreover, the impaired cognitive and motor functions associated with substance use increase the likelihood of accidents.  Addressing chemical dependency through treatment and support can help mitigate the dangers of distract driving, promoting safer roads for everyone.

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The statistics surrounding distracted driving are sobering.  I will leave a link at the end regarding this.  Various organizations, including government agencies, non-profit groups, and businesses collaborate to promote educational initiatives and advocacy efforts.

By collectively advocating for safer driving and promoting responsibility on the road, stakeholders seek to decrease distracted driving accidents and save lives.  Raising awareness is essential, but action is equally crucial.  Individually, we can contribute to safe roads by adopting distraction-free driving habits, like keeping our phones away, avoiding multitasking, and staying attentive.  Prioritizing safety whenever we drive helps create a more responsible and secure driving environment for all.


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