Depression is an illness, the good news, it’s a treatable illness.

Proper treatment involving medication and / or therapy have proven to be very successful.

DepressionFeelings of sadness, helplessness and hopelessness are of course recognized symptoms of depression. But there are so many other signs and symptoms not so easily recognized.

People of all nationalities, backgrounds, ages and gender fall victim to this illness. Severity and duration of an episode can largely be affected by early recognition and treatment. Possible causes include: genetics, chemical imbalances in the body, events in our lives, and daily stressors.

Learning more about contributing factors, as a consumer of “Behavioral Health” services, you become proactive and ultimately take back control of your emotional condition.

  • Don’t strain your relationships at home or work.
  • Don’t surrender to the blues.
  • Don’t look at life through the bottom of an empty glass.
  • Don’t think you’re alone.
  • Don’t forget!!!

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