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Marvel’s Captain America Promotes Suicide Awareness

Marvel Comics has released Captain America: A Little Help, a free digital comic book available on its website, and the Marvel Comics App for the iPhone and iPad. It can be read here:


The new 11 page story was written by psychologist Tim Ursiny and illustrated by Nick Dragotta. It features a young man contemplating suicide  by jumping off of a building.  In a few frames, the comic shows the suicidal triggers: his dad’s accidental death, mom’s new boyfriend, unpaid bills, bad grades, and a girlfriend who broke up with him.

The man ends up helping Captain America defeat villians battling on a nearby rooftop. He returns to his apartment and calls the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline (800-273-TALK) uttering the only word bubble used in the comic: “I need help.”

The comic is also available in the fifth and final issue of the “I Am an Avenger” series released in January 2011.